Our unique boutique salon design was created to give our clients the individual “one on one” grooming experience unlike any others. You will hand deliver your dog straight into the hands of our groomer. Your groomer will listen to your needs and go over your dog’s needs, personality, and their coat. We believe in building a relationship between owner and groomer. Your dog will feel the trust through your energy. This will allow them to have more trust while they are away from home during their appointment. Your dog will be loved and kept safe. If they are able to feel this bond before their service begins, it helps to create a happy dog from the start. Once you have left, our groomers will spend a few minutes talking and connecting with your dog while they acess the precious cut, their coat and condition of the skin.

Nail Trims

By appointment only. Starting at 18 Trimmed, filed and dremmeled to leave a smooth nail. We recommend small breeds and any breed with fast growing nails stay on a schedule of every two to four weeks. This schedule will help prevent arthritis in the toes, and trains them to enjoy their nail trimming service.

Mini Groom

Bone Appetit’s salon Mini Groom service is perfect for in-between full haircuts. Your dog will receive a customized product plan after a skin evaluation. Then they head to the bath for a facial, deep shampoo and conditioning. Skin hydration, coat hydration and snout nourishment. 100% by hand line blow drying, brushed and combed, nails trimmed and drummeled, ears cleaned and dried, ear hair removal as needed or requested. All potty lines trimmed and shaven, light scissoring around the eyes, face and feet. Eye scooping done as needed for specific breeds and clips. Finished with a finishing spray.

Full Haircut

Bone Appetit’s salon Full Haircuts are for dogs that require frequent coat attention and hand scissoring grooming and must commit to a recurring schedule that will best fit your dog, decided by your groomer.

Bone Appetit’s Full Groom service includes a discussion with your groomer to discuss the cut and clip she or he will be doing that day. A customized product plan after a skin and coat evaluation. Then once they head to the bath they will receive a facial, deep shampoo and conditioning, skin and coat hydration and snout nourishment. Ear cleaning and ear drying. Ear hair will be removed as needed, and or requested. 100% hand line blow drying, brushed, combed, fully detangled, clipped with the finest stainless and sanitized blades, and quiet low vibration clippers. Then a full body hand scissoring. All potty paths are shaven and cleared. Nails are trimmed and drummeled for a smooth finish.

Bath & Brush

Bone Appetit’s salon Bath & Brush service is perfect for in-between full haircuts or for breeds that do not require hand scissoring or frequent grooming.

Your dog will receive a customized product plan after a skin evaluation. Then they head to the bath for a facial, deep shampoo and conditioning. Skin hydration, coat hydration and snout nourishment.

100% by hand line blow drying, brushed and combed, nails trimmed and drummeled. And ears cleaned and dried. Finished with a finishing spray.

Deshed Bath & Brush

Bone Appetit’s salon Deshedding Bath & Brush Out service is for breeds that have shedding coats. From whether it’s springtime and the clumps of hair and fur are building up and you need a yearly blow out, to your year round shedding dogs that need treatment and service monthly. They are individually customized to fit your dog’s needs.

Your dog will receive a customized product plan after a skin and coat evaluation. Dead impacted fur, hair and undercoat is removed by hand before their bath. Then they head to the bath for a facial, deep shampoo and conditioning, all formulated for your dog’s specific shedding. Skin hydration, coat hydration and snout nourishment. Your dog’s skin will be gently exfoliated during the bath to loosen additional shedding undercoat. Fresh towel dry and then 100% hand line blow dried out coat, brushed and combed. Then thoroughly gone over again to get any additional loose fur and hair removed. We use the best deshedding tools available to be gentle and efficient. Nails are trimmed and drummeled. Ears are cleaned and dried. Finished with a finishing spray.

Brush Only

Brush Only offered at $2 per minute. Yes, we offer a Brush Only service. Brushing your dog, and especially big dogs and breeds that mat and tangle easily, is not only a big time commitment, but it is hard on your wrists, hands, and back. And sometimes, they don’t cooperate as well for their owners like they do for us. Our professional grooming team has the right tools and the best equipment to do this thoroughly and efficiently.

Hand Stripping & Carding

Hand Stripping and Carding – offered at $140 per hour. Hand Stripping is a labor intensive skilled grooming process. The process removes hair from the coat by hand, pulling the hair gently and swiftly from the root instead of clipping or cutting to keep the coat beautiful and healthy. On breeds with coats that qualify for this grooming process, we suggest spring and autumn for the two times a year it is recommended.

Matting – Matting is painful to your dogs. The mats pull the hair from the skin and will cause them to be more agitated during their appointment. Most matting will need to be shaved for your dog’s comfort and all around health. If it is able to be removed without shaving, dematting will be charged at an additional $2 per minute. our groomers will not demat any longer than 20 minutes. If the matting will require longer than 20 minutes, it will be shaved.

About our Salon & Policies – Our full groom clients must commit to staying on a recurring schedule. The best schedule for us, for you, and your dog will be determined with your groomer. Clients with dual or multiple residences that wish to stay on our schedule, and keep a scheduled appointment for when they return, will pay a fee to keep their appointment slots.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, we will need to reschedule your appointment in order for our groomers to stay on schedule for the day. Clients who are past the 15 minute grace time will be required to pay 50% of their groom that was missed in order to reschedule.

Changing or canceling an appointment – We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If you do not call within the 24 hour time period, you will need to pay a minimum of 50% of your groom to reschedule and keep any other scheduled appointments.

No Shows – If you decline to call and miss your appointment completely, you will be required to pay for the full price of your missed appointment. After two “No Shows” to your scheduled appointments, we will no longer be able to accept you as a client in the salon.

Grooming is a physically and mentally demanding career. And we have the most wonderful, caring, and talented groomers at Bone Appetit. They are very kind to your dogs, and we ask that you are very kind to them so we may continue to service you and your dog in our boutique salon. Please be on time to your appointments. Please be understanding that on occasion a dog may not be very cooperative or require special care which could put them a few minutes behind on that day. Remember, we are working with living wonderful animals. And like all living things and people, they are not the same every single day.

Grooming Products

We exclusively use Iv San Bernard in our boutique salon. The world’s finest skin and coat care product line, and canine and feline skin care institute, all made in Italy. They teach the science of skin and hair. And we align that science with each service we provide.

Since 1995 Iv San Bernard has been the leading European skin and coat care manufacturer supplying all of Europe and Asia with their products. Now available in the USA. Their products, techniques and therapies are being used worldwide not only by top pet professionals, but also veterinarians. 90% of dog groomers use Dawn dish soap for bathing their clients. It is a fast degreaser, but this destroys the coat and skin. With an unbalanced PH of the skin, it will lead to many skin problems that usually are misdiagnosed or assumed as an allergy. Our clients can truly see and feel the difference in their dog’s skin and hair with using the Iv San Bernard lines.

Traditional Product Line

Mela Verde Shampoo – Fresh green apple fragrance designed first for long coats. Moisturizes and restores the coat, giving shininess and softness.

Mela Verde Mask – A special balsam gives softness to long haired coats. The natural coco-oil based elements make difficult tangles easier to remove.

Banana Shampoo – Rich banana fragrance. It is gentle and gives the hair elasticity, making it shiny and soft.

Banana Mask – A special balsam gives softness and shine. Its natural based elements have a restoring effect which makes rough coats easy to comb. And also allows easier home care of brushing in between appointments at the salon.

Limone Shampoo – Fresh lemon fragrance. Mostly used for short haired coats. Its components eliminate and help prevent dandruff. And hydrate and balance the skin.

Limone Mask – Balsam for short haired coats. The emolinet action gives softness. And the natural based emollients also prevent dandruff and static electricity. Hydrates and balances the skin and coat.

Spa Product Line

Arancia Shampoo – Drastically reduces shedding, and loosens impacted undercoat. Strengthens with natural silicons, sebum balancing, anti-hair loss and anti-stress. Helps prevent hair loss, build elasticity and shine. Leaves a soft feel throughout the coat, and also leaves an uplifting gentle orange fragrance.

Maracuja Shampoo – Passion Fruit with proteins. Highly reinvigorating Gentle for frequent bathing. While formulated for long coats, it’s gentle and sebum balanced for all high maintenance coats that need frequent care.

Maracuja Pek – Passion Fruit with proteins and vitamin B6 conditioning. Formulated for long coats, and gentle for frequently maintained coats. It gives rich nourishment to the hair and leaves it silky with a Passion Fruit scent.

Pompelmo Roas Shampoo – Pink Grapefruit with vitamins. Its invigorating and tonifying action is most specific for medium coats. And it leaves the hair shiny and regenerated.

Amarena – Black Cherry with silk proteins The softening properties of black cherry’s active vegetable components, harmoniously combine with the strengthening virtues of the silk proteins. Specifically formulated for short coats, this provides new vitality and is supplemous to hair.

Original Pek – This deep conditioning collagen based product combines vegetal and marine collagen which provides elasticity to the skin. This is measured out and applied, or combined as needed with each client’s customized product plan. It can be applied in concentrate to matted hair to help save length of tangled coat gently. It can be added to the conditioning treatment to add extra collagen. And it can also be diluted into a spray that gives the client extra fluff and volume, while adding collagen to the hair.

Specialty Line

* Please take note – All Specialty Line products, skin treatments, therapies, and Best in Show products and services, will have additional time and product cost. And must be requested during scheduling to secure proper time allowance.

Caviar Shampoo – Caviar shampoo gently cleanses. leaving each type of coat full of life. The Caulerpa Lentillifera extract helps to revitalize the coat. Vitamin ( I ) contributes to hydrate, soften and make the coat more shiny by remaining silicon free.

Caviar Mask – A conditioning cream rich in Caulerpa Lentillifera extract and vitamin (I) which will soften the coat, moisturize, and give it strength and vitality. The coat has a healthy and radiant appearance.

Mineral Red – The Mineral Red Derma shampoo and mask treatment products, and the Mineral Red Derma Compex serums and gels, are for all coat types. It also has the benefits of nettle. It nourishes the coat and rebuilds the protective layer of the skin. It brings out the beauty and the shine in the hair, but also protects the skin from environmental toxins. The soothing properties of the nettle help battle eczema, hives, excessive grease, allergic reactions and also prevents hair loss. Weekly treatments for ongoing aggressive skin issues are recommended for a fuller success.

Atami H27O – All our clients receive a customized finishing spray. The Atami H2H0 Equalizer is a restorative, instant deep penetrating and hydrating spray that contains Jojoba oil, avocado oil, and bamboo extracts. This is a leave-in finishing spray that gives tone and shine.